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Power Raking Services

Power Raking is a service that many homeowners with large yards around their homes may need. A mechanical rake or powered wheel rake is used to sift through the grass and dandelions in order to pick up any debris that has been removed before the proper mulching can occur. Once the clippings have been collected, they are then either sent to the local land fill, or compost heap, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Power Raking Services. A mechanical rake or hand rake may be employed by a trained machine, or even hand bagging of grass clippings collected from the yard. This is followed by an extended high cut which collects extra clippings and then is discarded to the compost pile for future compost collection. Finally, clippings from the grass are stored in bags in the power raking services area. Many companies will send out small quantities of grass clippings as well as allowing customers to buy as much or as little as desired. Prices vary accordingly.

Hydroseeding. A newer method in power raking services, hydroseeding is when a person applies water to the lawn in order to help aerate it. The theory is that while a lawn may look great before aeration, without water, the lawn will quickly become dry and not look as good. Water will also help loosen compacted soil, therefore making it easier for soil preparation and weed control.

Dethatching. When the grass is aerated, it may be necessary to do some dethatching. This is when a layer of thatch is removed from the top of the grass. The thatch can sometimes be washed off with a power raking services mower.

Debris removal. Power racking services is a great way to remove large amounts of extra debris that just accumulates in your lawns. When this happens, a person can hire a professional power raking services company to remove the debris. A person can also have the debris picked up by a community service provider if they would prefer not to pick it up themselves.

When searching for a lawn care company, contact one that offers a free quote. A free quote gives a customer the basic information about the cost of their services. A free quote will also let a customer know how many times a customer may need to call in for a consultation. Often, it is wise to choose a lawn care company that offers a free quote, because not all lawn care providers will offer a free quote. Many lawn care companies will charge a customer a fee for a consultation before they will make a recommendation. A free quote makes it easy for anyone to compare all lawn care options available to them.

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