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I’m such a fan of Kathy Ireland. She’s been a successful business woman for years and has a vast number of awards and recognitions for her work in the health and wellness arena of philanthropy. Her new Health and Wellness brand with Isodiol is her newest enterprise. The collaboration brings about a new range of products which are derived from quality hemp but without the components which cause the psychoactive effects. She likens this to eating a grape before it is fermented into wine – derived from the same product but totally different.

The range includes tinctures and capsules and each product is targeted for a different health and wellness complaint.

  • The MEND range is more for the relief of discomfort from muscular and joint complaints.
  • The REST range helps promote relaxation and good sleep.
  • The DAILY range is for overall wellness and your immune system and icnludes various vitamins which you need to get into your system on a daily basis such as B12 and D3 and C.
  • The DEFEND range is particularly targeted to help your immune system to defend and fight against illness and disease.
  • The EASE range helps reduce inflammation and discomfort caused by this effect on the body.

All of the products are derived from organic hemp and carefully chosen botanical extracts.

The partnership of Kathy Ireland and Isodiol is a match made in heaven, as both are passionate about health and wellness. They believe that their customers deserve the best quality and Isodiol’s experience and expertise of working with CBD is key to this new range which is now available onsale to the US market. By working with Kathy, their products and the information about the benefits of CBD oil on the human body can now reach a much wider and more mainstream audience and consumer base. This is a key goal for both and due to her massive range of over 17000 products under her name, Kathy is the ideal partner in the project.

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