Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy used alongside other psychological and medical treatment. Here, the mind plays a major role in solving various problems such as breakage of poor habits. It is basically used in a variety of approaches and involves a hypnotic state in order to spur or change certain behavioural patterns.

Hypnosis involves putting the clients in a mesmerizing state by using skills based on the elucidation of the results as well as examination of the client’s complication. Clients may be trained on how to carry out self hypnosis. There are different types of hypnotherapies that may be employed to the relevant clients and they include:-

Traditional hypnotherapy

This involves first hand submissions of the system alongside other therapeutic relaxation techniques and is mainly administered on clients addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy

It was developed in the 1950s by Milton H Erickson and it employs the use of conversational application with a number of clients, complex language pattern and therapy skills. The parting with traditional hypnotherapy made his colleagues doubt whether it was to be labeled hypnosis.

Solution focused hypnotherapy

It entails a convergence of ideas drawn from Solution Focused Brief Therapy and those from the Ericksonian hypnotherapy to generate something of objectivity rather than ancient problem focused applications, and include skills obtained from NLP.

Cognitive /behavioural hypnotherapy

This is a diverse psychological therapy that uses clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy to bring treatment efficiency. There is a 70% improvement shown for patients undergoing integrated therapies as compared to those using cognitive hypnotherapy solely.

Curative hypnotherapy

This kind of hypnotherapy was invented by one David Lesser who saw it capable of getting the causes of certain symptoms on people by using a merge of hypnosis IMR and asking of particular questions. He was, therefore, able to inspect rather than use the already suggested information. In turn this resulted in the generation of the kind of methodical treatment employed by medical practitioners today.

Hypnotherapy is seen as a complement of psychotherapy because hypnosis allows for exploration of different emotional feelings and memories hidden to them. Moreover, it changes the way people perceive certain situations therefore can be used  as a suggestion therapy that is; to be able to act towards certain suggestions made therefore changing a certain habit such as smoking or drinking. It can also be used as analysis whereby it uses a relaxed position to explore and identify the root cause of a certain disorders such as trauma.

People have various reasons as to why they opt for a hypnotherapy with issues related to smoking and drinking being some of them. Although it is always argued that hypnotherapy is not efficient, it is employed during child birthing process to reduce pain and also used for people suffering from bulimia.




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