Homeopathy is a kind of medical system that is rooted majorly on the perspective that the body can be initiated to cure itself by basically administering small amounts of organic substances  such as herbs and minerals believed to trigger the healing process. When one has a disorder that is accompanied by certain specific symptoms in a healthy living being, in small dosage can cure the illness with similar symptoms. Homeopathy is meant to activate the body’s own defenses naturally.

It is known all over the world and ranked 2nd largest therapeutic set up globally on the basis that its treatment is only stimulated but works with the ability of the body to heal itself. It is administered to a person and it is aimed at a single and not a group of diseases. What homeopathy does in return is that it in fact remedies all the signs according to the level of your being spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally as it finds the cure a like match for them. This prepared substances administered in bits since they are elusive and strong yet non addictive to the users. The type of medicine is selected appropriately focusing on the individual’s particular signs and symptoms as well as the health of the person.

Homeopathy works on the assumption that the body is aware of whatever is happening and that the signs seen are a way of the body acting towards overpowering the illness. The vital healing response happens automatically in the human body by sending the information needed for the healing process since the vital response combined with the medicine is meant to boost the power of the symptoms. This way, the disease is being cured from within showing itself outwards.

Prior to the administration of a given medicine, their ability to cure is examined through testing them on healthy living humans and jotting down the various changes observed either emotionally or physically in an activity termed as proving. Its information entails the “like cure like” for the medicine’s distinctive feature has to facsimile the individual’s isolated assertion of the illness present and recurring symptoms of the disease.

Another theory is that minimal portions should be given on account that the boost of the medicine operates from within the body therefore not induced from the outside. An adequate amount is given to institute the process of healing which in turn continues, geared by its own healing objective and does not have any side effects. Questions about the mental, emotional and physical health status are often asked by the homeopath to ascertain the symptoms and a prescription that is ideal for the symptoms given to remedy.

Although homeopathy is well known all over the globe, it cannot be used to treat illnesses such as cancer, depression, asthma, heart diseases or even used in emergencies or in place of vaccines. However, it is ideal for allergies, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel, pre-menstrual complications and other minor issues such as bruises, coughs, nausea and toothaches.


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