Exploring online dating

In the world we live in today, we are more often than not looking down at our devices and not up at the people and the world around us. It means that we miss out on so many moments. Whether it’s when we see someone on the train who takes our fancy and we smile, or that colleague we make eye contact with for a split second longer than usual. These moments are becoming fewer and farther between because we are becoming oblivious to the world around us. Whilst technology has it’s downsides, let’s start using it for good as well.

One of the things I love most about online dating is that it allows you to connect with people you may never have met otherwise. Sometimes this might be because of a geographical reason, or it might be because the things you have in common you don’t know how or where to explore – or perhaps you don’t even have much in common at all.

We have more technology and computing power in our smart phones than they had to get man to the moon. Our future partner or next hookup could be just a swipe or tap away. Whatever you are looking for you can find a site or app which is targeted to likeminded people. This will mean you don’t end up wasting your time, or anyone elses. Whether you are looking for marriage or a long term relationship, bdsm dates, hookups, ts dating, or anything else.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, just look around online. Look for sites which have good reviews or ratings. Only you can decide whether you want to use a paid site or not. You will find scammers on any kind of site, but paid ones can sometimes limit the number of scammers, but equally, a paid site will typically have less members, thus limiting your possible circle of connections.

The first thing anyone will know about you is what you show on your profile, so here’s the best ways of building a good profile:

  • Ensure your profile is up to date and accurate. Old photos and irrelevant or even incorrect information is no use to anyone. You are only setting yourself and any possible future dates up for disappointment.
  • Whilst you want your profile to be accurate – don’t give too mucb away, your full name, address, employer and places you frequent shouldn’t be shared with just anyone, so whilst being detailed, leave out specifics.
  • Get a friend to read over your profile. They should know what the best bits of you are and what you should highlight. Having someone else read it will also help eliminate any mistakes, as it’s great to have a mistake free profile as this can be a real turnoff to some people.
  • Always have a photo on your profile. It can be tempting not to, as you might not necessarily want other people who know you to see that you are on the site, but they probably feel the same. Profiles with pictures get far more attention than those without, and also people like to have a face to the name or the person they are communicating with.

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