Dominant and Submissive Relationships – are they right for you?

As an adult, we can make a lot of choices which others may or may not approve of. Also as an adult we need to own our decisions and do what is right for us. As long as everyone involved is consenting and on-one is being hurt, then dominant and submissive relationships may just work for you.

Perhaps you are looking for something that involves serious mistresses. Perhaps you are looking for general subs and doms style dating or a relationship. Whatever it is you are looking for, joining a site like means not only are you connecting with other people that are interest in exploring the same kinds of things as you, but it also means you can network and join a community and ask your questions that you’ve never been able to ask anyone before. This is particularly great if you are new and don’t yet know what it is you are looking for. Particularly if you have no-one in the “real world” to talk to about these things, finding a safe online community to explore these things is really key.

Whether you are looking for something full time, or just occasional submissive encounters, ensuring that you know what you want is key to enjoying your experiences. Perhaps you want to dominate, or perhaps you want to be dominated. Sometimes a submissive and dominant relationship isn’t even about the sexual component of the relationship. Sometimes it’s about chores or household tasks such as cleaning or housework.

Whatever it is you are looking for, staying safe online is absolutely key and there are some really important things you should do if you are going to try online dating or using apps to connect with others for hookups.

  • Don’t put too much personal information on your profile – this includes but is not limited to, your name, address, employer, places you frequent etc. After connecting with someone you may well want to share thus information, but it shouldn’t be visible to just anyone and everyone. This is key for your safety.
  • When meeting someone, make sure a trusted friend knows where you are going and who you are meeting., You should have a pre-arranged time to check in by, and if they don’t hear from you by then, then can contact you and/or the venue. If need be they can raise an alarm. If no-one knows where you are or who you are meeting they can’t do this. The chances are this won’t be needed, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • In the early days, make sure you meet in public places which are well lit. They should also have good public transport links in case you need to leave suddenly. You don’t want to end up somewhere dark where you can’t get away from if you are unhappy or feeling uncomfortable.
  • Don’t drink too much or take other substances as you don’t want to end up feeling not in control of your faculties. Bad decisions are easier to make when we’ve been drinking, as it limits our inhibitions and means we behave in ways we perhaps wouldn’t make on a normal day!

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