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CBD is becoming a real buzz word and topic amongst anyone with an interest in alternative therapies. It can also be a very emotive subject and some people can have some very strong opinions about it. This comes from misconceptions about it, as well as because of the kinds of things it can be used to treat as they include some very serious and life limiting or even threatening conditions. Here’s a quick run down of the key points for when it comes up next in conversation:

  • You can’t get high from CBD – it is derived from a different component of the cannabis plant which gets people high.
  • Key medical uses which it has been proven to help with are neurological conditions – including seizures, pain relief, nausea relief  and anxiety.
  • You don’t have to smoke it! It is available in a wide range of products, from capsules and tinctures to oils and vapes.
  • The use of cannabis and cbd products dates back to almost 3000 BC when the emperor of China used it to make tea to help with medical conditions!
  • It really is legal in some places and can even be bought over the counter or online – just make sure it is legal in your area before you attempt a purchase.

I don’t know about you, but there’s an overwhelming amount of information about CBD and cannabis derived products out there. It is hard to know what is correct and what is relevant. That’s not even taking in to consideration the various different rules, regulations and legislation about the products. Not only do these vary from country to country, but even in the same nation they can vary from state to state or region to region.

Thankfully, there are some brilliant resources out there, and by finding one you know and trust, you should be able to continue on your CBD journey anxiety free. My favourite CBD website has to be They give you information in an accessible and easy to understand manner, and the site is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Yes I have a blog and an interest in all things CBD, but I’m no expert. It’s why I’m so grateful for such brilliant and comprehensive information out there that I know I can trust.

Before I sign off, I just want to say that like any medication or supplement – you should speak to your doctor or physician before starting any course of treatment, but if you really feel it would benefit you and you are in an area where it is legal, then it’s definitely worth exploring.

When I first looked into CBD products, I was genuinely surprised by the cost. I had wrongly assumed that they would be really expensive. Whilst there is a wide range of prices on the market, I wouldn’t recommend you go for the cheapest just to save money, but equally, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Do your research and shop around. Perhaps even ask your friends and family for recommendations. Your medical practitioner or other medical professional such as a nurse or a therapist might be able to make suggestions as well.


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