Cannabis derived products have been legalised for prescription for medicinal purposes starting in the Autumn:


CBD oil, or cannabidiol is a hot topic in the media at the moment. Just this year it was all over the news with the story of a boy with epilepsy who had his cannabis oil medication confiscated at Heathrow Airport. Now whilst this type of medication is illegal in the UK (and a short term emergency usage was authorised by the home secretary for this patient) there are many products which have ingredients extracted from the marajuana plant which are available over the counter in the UK and are completely legal. It is down to the components of the plant which is used and therefore designating which products are legal or not.

Their use is picking up and more and more people are finding out about it. Whatever your views on the legalising of this drug, there is more and more evidence that these medications can have a real medicinal value. There is a cannabis based drug which is licensed in the UK for the treatment of MS and its related symptoms. Another medication is Nabilone which uses a synthetic version of one of the components of marajuana resin to help treat cancer patients who are struggling with nausea during chemotherapy.

There are also various studies which show that it can help with depression, anxiety, pain and complications arising from diabetes. Clearly more needs to be done to ensure that the people whose lives would be improved from accessing medical versions of the drug. One of the major problems with this are the complete misconception that anything with any ingredient from the marajuana or hemp plant is illegal. This is just not the case.

Whether or not you feel that CBD is something you are interested in trying, there are loads of other alternative therapies, which are a lot less controversial and more understood which you might consider trying.